IMG_0936-0.JPGSometimes all it takes to create something cool and different is to keep your eyes open. While at work I got an 8 oz package of mascarpone and when I saw ladyfingers on sale as well, that classic dessert tiramisu naturally presented itself.

I grabbed the cheese, a package of those cookies, and simply used the recipe on the container of the mascarpone tub. Now, while I have had tiramisu often enough, I can’t quite recall what the taste and texture ought to be. I recall soft and creamy, with a hint of coffee and chocolate, and maybe some crunchiness from the espresso-soaked ladyfingers.

Putting it together was simple as pie…which actually is a bad metaphor because pie is not easy: easy as eating pie. There. That’s better.

It called for cocoa powder but…wait. Look, up above the refrigerator. Cocoa Puffs. Woo hoo! I crushed them in a mortar and sprinkled the dust on all of six.

Tasted great!