IMG_0935.JPGWe are remodeling, painting interior rooms upstairs and downstairs, as well as refinishing the floors top and bottom. When the floors get done, no one should be in the house due to the amount of dust and mess. OK, we get that…but all the floors have to be clear. No furniture, etc.

It’s all going to be moved to the shed, the front porch, the storage space…and the kitchen. The. KITCHEN.

I won’t be able to cook.

In the meantime, I’m trying to figure out if I might somehow…someway…be able to continue to cook over the next several weeks. The compulsion is like the hunger I have for food in the basic manner…it needs to be satiated, and it is never really met by the prospect of buying food in a box…or at a takeout stand. It…simply pales.

I have some vague ideas on how to proceed, and it will depend in part on the largesse of friends and their kitchens. More on this as my plans coalesce (or not) so we will see how I satisfy my cooking passions with my kitchen unavailable…not to mention my wife being gone.

In the meantime, today…Sunday, it started with eggs and ended with eggs. Yesterday I poached a couple of eggs and placed each on a bed of thinly cut shoestring potatoes–nearly as crisp as the snacking chip style found in bags at the store. Regardless, an interesting combination between the soft boiled yolks of the eggs and their crispy bite.

For dinner, arriving home late, it was a quick sauté of sliced onions delicately softened and browned, with some garlic, fresh tomatoes, and half a can of green and yellow peppers added at the last minute, nuanced with pimenton and cumin. All at the last placed in individual cazuelas with an egg topping it, and baked in the oven for several minutes. Once again, whether Israeli or Middle Eastern in general, a delicious and simple dinner. Some call it Shakshouka.

In the meantime, I have been pushing myself to master the classic French omelet. Long living on standard non-French style egg cooking, the simple taste and absolute lusciousness of this French style has gotten me completely enamored with mastering it’s subtle nuances.

How often I post in the next few weeks is unclear, but if you follow with any regularity…you will be the first to know.