IMG_0910.JPGAs one of my staff is still under the general impression that he is exempt (mostly) from working Sundays, he never showed up for work and I had to mostly work alone today and had to work late, in addition. Moreover,somehow I misplaced my hoodie and had to bike home in the cool ‘Fall’ air with only a long- sleeved shirt on.

So when I got home and my wife said with no malice or equivocation that she had used up the last of the eggs, I was not miffed. But then…there were no potatoes in the house, either, so…

Improvise. I had half a sweet potato left in the refrigerator which was still far from gone, as well as half a yellow onion. A quick dice of some of the onion, a quick shredding of the sweet potato, a bit of Niman Ranch Black Forest ham and…a binder. Hmm. No eggs.

Ah. I used some Ener-G Egg replacer which I knew I had in the pantry, a tablespoon of flour, and a shake of salt and pepper.

A quick sauté and a quick ‘n’ frisky dinner was ready. Along with four remaining chicken wings from Dragon Gate restaurant in Oakland, I had myself dinner.