IMG_5492.JPGThis morning after a business meeting at the house, my wife raced off to work a bit late and I was left alone in the kitchen. Alone with the three Terrines de Campagne which I had prepared the night before.

I set the oven temperature to 325F, heated up some water for the bain-marie water bath, and placed them in the oven and some 90 minutes or more. Later, once the interior temperature reached the requisite 155-160F, they would be half-ready.

I took them out to cool on a rack, and went back to my movie (Guardians of the Galaxy is good fun). Afterwards I prepared the weights for the terrines to help compact them as much as possible, which would take at least four hours.

Tonight after a rather lackluster dinner out for German cuisine, we returned and I removed the weights, wrapped up all three of the terrines with plastic wrap, and returned them to the fridge where they will be fine for at least two weeks. Still, as our guests will arrive in a week, there will be plenty of pâté for them to consume, and maybe enough for us to do a tad of ‘testing’ and entertaining before they arrive.

Look, a subtle reminder…pâté is meat loaf. Just much better and much tastier than that stuff folks usually slather catsup/ketchup over.