IMG_0532.JPGI wanted to take duck breast down a notch of elegance by opting to make a simple street food version. This: Taco de Pato or Duck Breast Taco. But I needed to figure…what to pair with it. So here’s what I went with.

First, obviously…corn tortillas. Avocado for some creaminess, and then some frisée greens. Shallots, also, fried in the duck breast fat that rendered into the pan. All in all, it wasn’t a bad first try. Here was the process.

First, tear up some frisée and wash it.
Remove the skin from the duck breast, make some cuts in the skin and put in a heated skillet to cook it down to wonderful crispness. Put the cooked bits on a piece of paper to absorb the extra oil. Put aside.
Put some tortillas in a warmer with a wet paper towel.
Cook the duck breast about six minutes on one side; about three minutes on the other, depending on the size of the breast. Check for doneness–medium rare is best.
Before flipping the breast over to its other side, cook a small handful of sliced shallots. When the breast is finished cooking, remove the shallots and place beside the duck skin.
Let the duck rest for about five minutes. Meanwhile, use a spoon or knife to cut bits of avocado into little slivers.
Put the tortillas in the tortilla warmer into the microwave for about two minutes.
Assemble the tacos. Start with the pieces of sliced duck, add a bit of garlic mushrooms from the night before, put a bit of frisée and fried shallots onto the taco, then pour a bit of warmed arrope (grape must) over the open taco.
Fold and eat.

Serve with a beer and maybe some salsa and guacamole or chips. But don’t put too much garlic in your guacamole like I did.

Notes: Don’t over cook the shallots and let them get bitter.