IMG_0524-1.JPGDespite being awake at 6am, by 5pm I was anxious to cook. I texted a couple of our close friends and regular dinner guests to see if they wanted to get over the ‘hump of the week’ with a quick dropby on their ways home from work to enjoy a quick evening of ‘Found’ Tapas.

Found tapas are simply another way to describe ‘making do with what you got‘, so I started scrounging and here were a few items:

-dried shiitake mushrooms
-puff pastry
-fresh garbanzo beans in the shell
latas of mackerel and sardines (canned)
-frozen spinach
-leftover Ensaladilla Rusa

It proved to be enough. I had the basic ingredients for a batch of spinach empanadillas, a single serving of Ensaladilla rusa, champignons al Ajillo, and quickly sautéed fresh garbanzos (not to mention opening a ‘lata’ of canned mackerel).

Our friends, alas, were otherwise occupied, so I simply sent them pics of the food I made to let them realize what they were missing. Well, if they did, I can’t imagine wanting to head out into the crazy traffic out there, much less with the rain coming down.


My only ingredient shortage were eggs–I’d used the last one for an egg wash on the empanadillas, so I took a quick bike ride to Mi Tierra grocery to grab the eggs in order to make two Pisco Sours.


So as the rain drizzled down, I busily put together four different flavor directions and we had a nice evening of Spanish tapas, a Peruvian cocktail, and a peculiar sojourn into fresh garbanzo beans as a cocktail appetizer. Not too bad, taste wise with regards to the garbanzos, but a lot of effort for the payoff.