IMG_0523.JPGWhen a recipe calls for a cast iron pan to be heated up in the oven, for some reason I am compelled to make the recipe. I was laying in bed last night, thinking about what to make for breakfast and Dutch Babies came to mind. I had made this once perhaps a year ago but other than that, I never had these growing up. My mom never made them, and if we had pancakes, it was usually Bisquick.

The recipe is simple. Mix eggs, milk, flour, and salt together to make your batter, take your preheated cast iron pan and lace it with butter, pour in your batter, and 12 minutes later, it’s ready.

Warm up a little maple syrup to drizzle on and you’re done. This ‘big pancake’ came out fine and custardy, with just a bit of egginess. Very nice. Next time I might make these with some apples or blueberries.