So…thanks to Saveur, I decided to eschew turkey and since it was only the two of us for Thanksgiving, this would be perfect. The original recipe called for New York strip steak, but my research indicated that the substitution of ribeye roast wouldn’t take the results very far afield.

Sad. No guests today, so while we passed the day quietly, I made blueberry scones for breakfast, a quick lunch of shakshuka for lunch, and by early PM I had everything ready: mustard cream sauce in the fridge, the roast’s butter/garlic/rosemary rub, and the root vegetables cut and prepared.

As a Thanksgiving feast, it wasn’t characterized by massive over abundance at all, and it was only about 50 minutes or so to turn that ribeye roast into the melty, tender, rare cooked treasure it was meant to be.

While the roast rested for several minutes, I added the pan drippings to the veggies which added a nice dimension to an already sweet, caramelized treat.

Dessert, however, was a curious failure and accidental ‘success’. David Lebowitz’ ‘Idiot-Proof Chocolate Cake‘ proved anything but, yet no reflection on that worthy pastry chef. The recipe called for a 9″ springform pan but I foolishly used a 7″ pan with, for a baker who finally got a clue after an hour of baking…predictable results. Not fully baked.

It was more or less a chocolate pudding cake as a result. It was sweet and chocolatey, no question. We never touched the pecan pie in the fridge nor the pâté I made last week. Maybe this evening if I can cajole my regular recipe testers to come over. We still have some Ensaladilla Rusa leftovers, some of the roast ribeye, and I might make a fresh batch of the root veggies.