IMG_0850.JPGI’m not usually drawn to foods from Eastern Europe–but when Saveur sent out its weekly collection of simple (one supposes) midweek meals, this Chicken Paprikash meal was out there for consideration. So I considered.

What the hell.

The dish is fairly straightforward, a mix of onion, tomatoes, peppers all cooked to a sweet resolution, with chicken parts browned and mixed in, and a healthy dose of paprika or…as I selected: pimenton from Spain.

IMG_0469.JPGThe sauce was a bit underseasoned vis a vis salt, but still, the predominance of the smoky pimenton added a nice piquancy to the sauce. The final touch, sauce wise, was the addition of a mixture of flour and sour cream which turned the predominantly red dish a silky pink.

The chicken thighs came out fine, nicely browned and ready to be cooked through under a slow simmer in the red sauce.


Somewhat less successful were the dumplings, a mix of flour, salt, egg and water which–well, could easily be used to make pasta rather than the dumplings. The dumplings required a bit of extra water to come to a proper consistency when I was mixing, and I have little experience to determine if more water was the culprit that made these dough balls into the tough little balls that they were– or if they needed more cooking? Hard to say. Wifey is not a big fan of these sort of dumplings to begin with, so not certain when they will next appear (biscuits, as well, are an under appreciated piece of cuisine for her).

All in all, other than being my first European dumplings, a successful foray into such cuisine. Very reminiscent of Spanish cooking, what with the reddish sauce that covered the poultry pieces. It wasn’t exactly cooking to put into a fine restaurant, but I’m happy with the result.