The house is completely white now, covered with primer. I spent most of the day cleaning the bedroom, vacuuming (oh, yeah, we do it every week–SNORT), finding things I haven’t seen for months, preparing the inside of the house for the painters to finish up, blah blah blah.

But first, a thank you to Astrid and Bruno for ending a long, thick day working and commuting through Bay Bridge traffic and a long Yahoo bus ride from the Peninsula to stop over at our place and catch the last half of the epic Giants World Series Win (personally I’m 99% disinterested but even I wanted to see the finishing game)!

In atypical American fashion, dinner served was simple–beer (English), roasted pumpkin seeds as an appetizer, and gyros sandwiches with tzaziki sauce, a spicy garlic/cilantro/Serrano chile green sauce (homemade naturellement), and leftover Tarte Tatin dessert.

I love impromptu.

The green sauce was created roughly out of memory of the green spicy sauce served at the Troy restaurant over on Solano Avenue, and the first batch was an utter failure–too much garlic even for me: my mouth fairly burned from the bitterness, so I tossed it and made it with a lot less garlic, and it was niiice.

But…here it is Thursday and I’ve done a helluva lot of housework in a house darkened by the exterior painters having covered up the windows for their prep work. Got a lot done, and given that it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, I thought that a visit to the local middle eastern grocery for some lamb shoulder would be the ticket for a nice stew with potatoes, tomatoes, onion, garlic; the usual.

While the meat certainly fell off the bones in my pressure cooker, many pieces of the meat still remained somehow a bit tough. I suspect it wasn’t the problem of the cooking but perhaps the quality of the lamb itself; lots of fatty bits and even gristle it seemed, though most of the pieces I had were ok. Disappointing for over $12 worth of lamb. Still, maybe my wife was right and the lamb might have cooked a bit longer. Must simply make more attempts with other cuts, though I think I may stick to Berkeley Bowl’s selection in the future.