Ahh…the first of three days off from cheesemongering. Delightful. Attended the Uncharted Ideas Festival for the morning, visited with A&B to borrow their truck, agreed to a Korean birthday dinner on Saturday night, and did a dozen errands.

While in San Pablo, I dropped in at San Pablo Supermarket and picked up a few Asian/Filipino grocery items and when I saw some refrigerated pancit noodles, I knew what would be for dinner tonight.

But let me tell you–it came out…adequate. Nothing mouth- wateringly amazing, but adequate and tasty enough. I started out with the pancit noodles and put them in some boiling water to warm up, and pulled out the ol’ wok and fried up a bit of garlic and ginger, added a small handful of chicken thigh pieces, followed with sliced cabbage, julienned carrots, some shiitake mushrooms, and another handful of green onions. For funsies I tossed in the fish broth/sauce from a couple of nights before but it didn’t add much to the flavor melange: even the spritz of half a lemon at the end didn’t push it over the edge. I added some a Filipino tuyo (soy sauce) to the mix, and both of us upon serving ourselves added some ponzu sauce to punch it up, but it all simply proved to be just…adequate.

I can live with adequate the first time around when trying dishes I’m not familiar with, and wifey managed to slurp up the last bits of her bowl without decorum, but I really like to make it a bit more interesting. I’m not trying to reinvent the cuisine, just do it right and…more than adequate.