IMG_0823.JPGLast night I gathered together the necessary dry ingredients for a pile of Nutty Whole Wheat/Oat/Flaxmeal Pancakes, mixed them and set them aside. The following AM I would put together the liquid ingredients (buttermilk and eggs and butter), mix, and do the business.

The added bonus to these pancakes is that their calorie count for three 4-5″ers is only about 120. When cooking pancakes in the past, I had always leaned toward the most basic components, and white flour was so ever present despite any additions of blueberries, bananas, or otherwise. With the whole wheat and oat flour, not to mention the addition of fresh flax meal, the end result was a deliciously nutty, kinda wholesome breakfast. I opted to use the low-cal spray oil from a can to lubricate the non-stick pan and the batch of pancakes quickly came together.

The dear one questioned why they were ‘so brown’, her not so subtle implication being that they were possibly overdone, but I pish-tushed her remark and said that ‘because the ingredients were brown’, and other than a disbelieving glare, breakfast proceeded without further incidents other than her non-reluctant statement that she thought they were ‘pretty good’.

Special Note: my wife’s preference for toast and similar bready things leans greatly toward standard loaf bread and other less toothy, artisanal offerings where the crusts are as desirable as the Grand Tetons or Yosemite are to couch potatoes. When it comes to toast, she likes them warm and barely crisped, and if they are actually subjected to actual browning and carbonization, then she becomes the non-hiker at the bottom of the Grand Canyon…looking up, and it is a sad sight to see.