IMG_5099.JPGIt was time for soup, but it was actually time for Swedish Filmjolkslimpa: the buttermilk and molasses mix with seeds and nuts, rye flour, and whole wheat flour. It was the interest in making the bread again (my wife’s favorite) that decided my making Graupensuppe (German Barley Soup) to go along with it.

The soup was simple and missing out on much of any contrast; pearl barley, onion, carrot, potato, parsnip all finely diced and cooked in some basic beef broth, an ounce of bacon, and a piece of German bratwurst. This took no longer than 35 minutes and was ready quickly enough. Very flavorful, and the addition of some balsamic vinegar added a bit of needed punch. Maybe next time some crunchy bits, as well.

The bread, as well, is simple but spectacularly tasty, and is great toasted, served with a bit of warm butter, nut butter, or some creme fraiche.