Morning is often rushed for us, and lately my wife has been sending me little recipes she has found that she thinks might be interesting for me to make. Often, I’ve used her suggestions for my own nefarious reasons (you’ll see).

Melissa Clark, a food columnist for the New York Times, recently came out with a recipe for Cornmeal Plum Scones. No real surprises, really, as scones are usually fairly straightforward. The dry ingredients are mixed, the liquid are mixed, the butter is cut into the flour mixture, and all is ultimately combined for a typically dry, shaggy mess of a dough.

This particular recipe has you actually baking the jam into the scones while baking…which I didn’t do. I did make the jam, though–combining Italian cooking plums with a bit of honey and cooking till thoroughly jammy and syrupy. I set it aside to garnish the scones upon their release from the oven 16 minutes later rather than baking them combined.

Wifey’s first comment: “What’s that grit I taste?” I smiled. “You sent this to me to try. Your recipe. And it’s cornmeal.” And so I can add another ‘C’ to the proscribed ingredients list–cornmeal (or at least less finely milled versions. Personally, I like the texture it added to the scones, and even my wife liked them once the plum jam mixture got applied. “It distracts me from the texture“, she said.

These scones take about 15 minutes to bake and about the same amount of time to prepare. Hint: freeze the unbaked scones for later use; they still bake well from frozen.