Found a nice, simple recipe for Clams and Chorizo in Wine with Peppers and noted that nowhere did it include adding salt or pepper to the recipe. Huh. What an oversight, I thought, and once the clams were open and finished, the garlic and pepper and shallot was suitably cooked, I simply added a light…light sprinkling of salt.

Big oops. Wife took a sip and looked at me. A moment later I was in total agreement; the slight addition of NaCl had pushed the dish over the edge to salty nasty. My wife refrained from ‘I told you so’ (a wonderful favor on her part) and I was allowed a moment to, so to speak, stew in my own juices of despair and disappointment.

Taste for seasonings. Taste the food. Idiot!

OK, glad that was over, and I learned the lesson. I hope I get better into practicing this for the sake of all our future dinner guests, though for the record, this rarely happens when guests come over.

Of course, she had the last word when she said that the clams were too ‘rubbery’ and that maybe next time I could try smaller clams. Hmm. I’ll have to look up the food science of cooked clams to figure out how to avoid the rubbery result.

At least we still have the sour cherry chocolate torta!