Photos Courtesy of Astrid BarrosIMG_0800.JPG
Came out really, really well. The pork was braised in heavy cream, buttermilk, three heads of garlic, and a Parmesan rind (and a sprig of Sage) for three hours. Worth all 200 minutes of waiting.

Dinner started with appetizers as ever, with B handling the cocktails making caipiroskas while noshing on bread and Fourme d’ambert, a delightful French blue cheese (wifey never touched it, of course) as well as some La Tur and another nameless French cheese (which my wife wouldn’t touch after one initial foray–she tried, at least)

As the cooking had mostly been done the day before I had more time to spend with our guests so I decided to use the two little duck breasts which I quick-seared and basted with a honey-thyme syrup. Came out great!



Ultimately, I had to prepare a few other items–browning the pork, reducing the creamy garlic sauce, and a quick sautée of the broccoli Raab.




Of course, guests are always a special occasion and so…dessert is always a standard, and our deep thanks to A&B for sharing the dessert with us– by taking half the calories outta the house as leftovers.

I won’t stretch your tongue by saying it in Italian, but its a chocolate and sour cherry cake which came out very nicely.



Nobody eats like this everyday, but once a week…why the hell not?