Back on the duck kick. Bought four Maryland duck legs tonight along with a small package of duck breasts from Mary’s Ducks. Four breasts in the package, two pairs. Very tiny. Almost like…baby ducks. If anything, they were slaughtered at a young age or maybe the local drought affected them. Who knows?

I pulled a single breast out and trimmed it from it’s mate, still connected by the fatty skin. Pulled out the medium-size cast iron skillet and put it over the burner to heat it up. As I planned also some steamed neon eggplant with miso-garlic sauce, I turned on the heat to boil some water and placed the bamboo steamer on top. While the water heated and the pan heated, I sliced the eggplant.

Seasoned the duck breast, scored the skin, and tossed it into the skillet. Started steaming the eggplant at the same time. The duck, even this tiny, took about 6 minutes for the skin side and about 3 for the other. Took it out and tented it in foil.

Prepared the miso and garlic marinade with a bit of pepper and chicken broth. Put it aside and started on the sauce for the duck. Nothing complicated; some shallots diced into some rendered duck fat, a bit of lemon juice, and a bit of alcohol…if I’d remembered about the alcohol. Added some sliced apple bits and stirred it around. Only passable results. Next time I’d take more time with that sauce, but under the circumstances…

Again, a pleasant enough late night dinner…and light. We each had no more than half the duck breast, and the miso-garlic eggplant was ‘ok’.

The ease with which duck can be prepared and the general reticence the US public has towards using this protein still astounds me. Quicker and easier than chicken. Tastier, too. Healthier as well, if you take into account how well ducks are treated compared to how chickens are raised.