My wife and I don’t often necessarily have the standard protein, carb and veggie meals. I like carbs, but I figure that throughout the course of the day…and in life, we often get enough. So for lunch today, given that I was working a split shift, I biked home with a fresh andouille sausage which I cooked in some Spanish red wine I had from a previous dinner, and served up with a couple of tablespoons of good French rustic Dijon mustard.

Yah, no veggies this time around nor any potatoes or pasta, but I’m not worried about poor nutrition, as I love vegetables as much as the next guy and manage to get my fair share.


I thought that if I had a pickle or some such it would have been a nice touch, but the mustard was so piquant on its own, it really wasn’t necessary.

Ahh. It suddenly occurs to me that split shifts 830-1230 and 4-8 have certain advantages for the cook; avoiding lines at the grocery store, peace and quiet at home to cook…hmmm….

Special Note: I will be attempting to make either some broth or some exquisite beef demiglace someday soon. I bought about 4 lbs of beef femurs today and the marrow within looks awfully intriguing.