Godawful picture.

And expect more to come while our house is in such disarray from cleaning, tidying, etc. Chalk it up to the worst lighting in our kitchen that you can imagine. First thing Friday (after doing a ton of work related to our damned mess of a housecleaning effort) on my day off I’m going to get myself some sort of better lighting…anything…to make these pics look better.

Tonight I got home early and made Bacon and Apple Risotto with Garlic and Thyme. Pretty good, but as ever with risotto, a ton of work for your forearms mixing and mixing, stretching the glutens and starches of the rice. Just al dente, very creamy, and done just about correctly.

Too bad about the scallops. Despite being cooked just right, I ended up oversalting them at the end and the addition of a spritz of lemon juice provided a bitter aftertaste for my wife’s palate, perhaps when combined with the green sauce from a couple of days ago. Moreover, I could tell she was distracted by anticipation of the work she had to do upstairs, so all my work was bollixed in the end simply by attention to the final details…which derailed it all for her.

I’m rather disheartened by this, but I don’t blame my wife. She can’t always be there even in a neutral or positive light all the time. I’m pleased that the risotto came out so well after all that mixing, and ironically the scallops which took the least amount of time were nearly ruined so quickly in the end.

Aagh. Good thing I still enjoy this; tonight certainly wasn’t any impetus to keep up the hard work.

So, to recap the good news? Risotto done just great. Scallops cooked just spot on. Bad news? The scallops got reduced in impact due to over salting and the innocent addition of lemon juice. And I am reminded that risotto isn’t necessarily on the top of my wife’s favorite dishes.