Late night many people (I’m not necessarily one of them) prefer lighter fare later in the evening…not sure why! Me? Just watching my waistline, folks, so when I saw this recipe for Spinach Stracciatella Soup (egg- drop soup Italian style essentially) and that it took only a few minutes…I was hooked.

But by now you know me– I strive to add something to elevate it… Give it another measure of flavor. I’m not always successful with this, but tonight…well. Wow.

Starting with water and low-sodium broth, I dropped some frozen spinach and an ounce of grated Parmesan into the pot to gently simmer. To add some extra level, I added a piece of Kombu seaweed to get an extra measure of flavor and after eight minutes or so, then added the uncooked scrambled egg and all was done.

For garnish, I added some chopped chives. And the result? A simple, singularly delicious Italian egg- drop soup. So good. So simple.

Next time? Maybe some garlic…pancetta…or even some Filipino fish-sauce.

Woo woo! I did a great job!!