Tonight was fun, and simple foods. Three dishes, all ‘sorta’ Italian.

First, tuna steaks with a green sauce. Olive oil, a sprig each of thyme, basil, parsley, an anchovy, and some capers. All in a blender leaves a solid green sauce to pour over a quickly seared tuna steak. Add a bit of freshly ground pepper and fleur de sel, and garnished with some watercress.


Following this a radish, prosciutto, and green bean salad with a sherry and mustard dressing. With a bit of ricotta salata cheese for garnish, we found it an interesting but peculiarly different taste. I wasn’t sure if she liked it–but she’s taking the leftovers to work for lunch.

IMG_4826.JPG looks pretty though, doesn’t it?

Finally some split figs with a tawny port sauce. I liked it but wifey wasn’t impressed. I started with some sugar heated to caramelization state on a skillet with the figs placed cut- side down in the crystally sugar. Some tawny port is added and a thick, purple sauce is created. I found it interesting but am not sure how amazing it was.