IMG_0416.JPGWhen I got home tonight, the frozen Uruguay ribeye steak I had left in the fridge was…still frozen. I didn’t have much choice…I put it in the microwave and six minutes later, it was thawed…mostly.

But here’s the thing…steak put in the microwave…whether to thaw or to cook or whatever, results in the meat losing moisture and drying out. Then when you cook it, it seems that you end up with a steak that cooks a lot faster…and drier. Tougher.

I boiled the potatoes for a few minutes, and while the steak rested after cooking, I steamed the asparagus. I also prepared the store-bought demiglace sauce which was a pleasant surprise. Veery nice and rich, and great on the potatoes and the steak, but the steak…well, a bit too tough. I suspect the microwave thawing maneuver screwed the pooch for this dish.

Just so you know…so every dish that is pretty successful, there are a few losers behind it. But each loser teaches a lesson potentially. And I’ve learned. Boy, I’ve learned.