IMG_4762.JPGStart off with high hopes. Determine the best pairing combinations to go with broccoli, then ignore half the best options.

What was I thinking?

Let me put it this way…the quiche…tart…whatever was edible. Seasoned adequately. I cleverly (so I thought) added toasted almond meal to the pastry shell I made from scratch, as almonds and broccoli are simpatico, but then I used buffalo mozzarella for the cheese filling, and the entire dish was lacking in punch, flavor, and that certain Je ne sais quoi that a fabulous meal needs.

Next time? More aggressive seasoning, a bit of bacon or pancetta, or even anchovies to do something to it. The only successful aspect? The pastry shell with the almond meal was interesting. Not spectacular. Merely… Interesting.

For an accompaniment a simple English Cucumber Salad with Dill and Cider Vinegar. It would have worked, too, if the quiche/tart had actually had a bit more flavor.

Bah! Humbug! Better next time!


PS: I had originally considered using the remaining langres and walnut- brandy washed cheeses in this concoction but refrained as Angela wasn’t keen on either of them. Damn! Shoulda taken the risk.