IMG_4729.JPGWhat would it be, hmmm? The weekend seemed to have been a lot of red meat, and now…even two days after the Labor Day Akaushi meat fest, I still feel like I’ve betrayed my stomach and digestive system. Meat can be a strain on it, granted, and…we don’t care.

It simply means balance, of course. We don’t eat meat every night, much as we might enjoy doing so, as with stories abounding out there about tainted meat in the distribution system, getting the best quality (and tastiest as well) means it ain’t cheap, bruthuh! So I opted tonight for lighter fare, letting Sicilian cuisine take point with Sicilian Eggplant Caponata. I have this odd idea of including a little buffalo mozzarella and a thin slice of prosciutto to a small roll to make a little slider sandwich that might be fun, but we will see.

Caponata is a fairly traditional type of…salad dish, you could say, that is made with as many variations as there are cooks on that rocky island. The mainstay ingredient, though, is typically eggplant which can be baked, roasted, or fried in olive oil, and can include other items like zucchini, pine nuts, garlic, and other seasonable vegetables. The one I made this evening had eggplant, naturally, as well as cherry tomatoes, onion, celery, green olives, and salted capers.

As an added bonus, I included at the end half a Thai birdshit pepper for the requisite heat the dish called for, though none of it made it onto my wife’s less flavored half of the meal. A testament to her palate must be mentioned–she felt a bit of heat on the bread…no doubt from my fingers having handled the hot peppers mere moments before. This is both her blessing as well as her curse.

Accompanying the meal was a small buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto slider to add a touch of carbs to the mix–simple slices of bufala di mozzarella, prosciutto, and a sprinkling of cut basil.

For what it is worth, a very tasty meal equipping us with leftovers, as well as a reasonable calorie count of no more than 350 calories at my best guess. A couple of glasses of a slightly inappropriate vinho verde accompanied our meal.