20140902-211724-76644394.jpgOnce again, my lovely wife is home alone and won’t go near the stove. While when we first met she showed some basic skills in the kitchen, they were never high on her list of ‘how to snag a man’ (if she ever even thought that way) and now, some thirty years later, things haven’t gotten any better for her…other than finding a hubby who can actually cook a bit (that would be me).

So…what did I have? Hmm. Onions, some raw cheddar cheese, and…hmm again…some frozen pita bread. What would that combine into? Of course, it would be an Onion and Cheese Pitza.

I toasted the pita bread with a little olive oil on either side at 350F for several minutes and meanwhile took some sliced onion and thyme, salt and pepper with a piece of bay leaf and sautéed them in some duck fat until they caramelized.


I then put the onions on the pita, added the cheddar, and put it under the broiler for about two minutes. Dinner…with a scoche of Pinot noir from the previous night to guide it through our taste buds.


Not a huge dinner, but hopefully satisfying for the wife. I originally thought of it as a pita-rt as I had put it in a tart pan for some reason, but really, it is more of a Pitza than that. Pleased that the onions weren’t drowned in the cheddar flavor– a nice rounded flavor, I thought. Angela in her Internet stupor said “Its good!” and that was it.