20140831-174751-64071659.jpgAfter hitting Savor Filipino, the (obviously) Filipino foodie event I’d guess of the year, wifey, A&B and I traipsed around the Ferry Building, taking in the ambience of a sunny day by the bay, breezes, long lines for the women’s restroom, and for me– a brief flirtation with a smoking gun at Sur La Table.

At the food event, we had signed up for a cooking demo by Francis Ang, a Filipino pastry chef locally of some note and experience. My wife and I had gotten front row seats and I listened aptly to him as he casually spoke of his passion for desserts and the cuisine he grew up with.



One of his dishes called for ‘smoked coconut cream’ to which I said….”Whaaaa?” and he pulled forth a smoking gun. Whereupon I later found for sale at Sur La Table for about $100. Very interesting device, but I don’t really know much about smoking meats, much less smoking coconut cream so I decided to pass. Better to figure out the basics of cooking before moving on to smoking guns, sous vide devices, and the like. Owning three paelleras ought to make me feel special enough, I guess.

As the afternoon wore on, we started thinking about dinner (or at least I did) and it was decided to stop for some coffee at Philz’ new cafe down on 10th St and Gilman. While there chatting in the sun, I put together a list of ingredients for that night’s impromptu dinner which included the following dishes.

Several duck confit-filled potstickers remained uncooked, as well as a couple dozen potential fills from the frozen pork mixture waay back when I prepared the big Korean banchan dinner. And the whole gang jumped onto an assembly line to move things along.



Asian Soup
This was put together from scratch, with garlic and ginger as the baseline sautéed in a bit of oil, followed by onion, celery, and a bit of remaining pork filling which I made into rough balls and dropped into the soup– along with some chunky pieces of shiitake mushroom.



Dipping Sauces
Bruno took control of the dipping sauces masterfully, using some Thai birdshit peppers, a couple varieties of vinegar, and soy sauce. A less ‘brightly’ flavored mix was made for my wife; vinegar, soy sauce, and a little brown sugar. We also had ponzu for a dipping sauce as well.


Kale, Fuji Apple, and Caramelized Pecans Salad
I’ve made variations of this with hazelnuts and such, so this followed the general guidelines. There was just a tad of Korean pepper mixed in with the pecans that roasted in a mix of maple syrup, salt, nutmeg and such. Astrid, Angela, and Bruno all pitched in chiffonading away the kale, thinly slicing the apples, and generally doing requisite prep work.


Cocktails a la Marvin Gapultos!
I always like trying out new cocktails and when we met Marvin Gapultos, author of The Adobo Road Cookbook at the Savor Filipino event at Arkipelago Books booth, he was warm and charming and inspired me to try another of his creations–the Gin Fizz Tropical.
2 oz gin
1 oz lime juice (or calamansi if you can find it)
1/2 oz simple syrup (calamansi-infused if possible)
1/2 oz pineapple juice
1 raw egg white
Top with soda water


It had a Pisco sour vibe, but definitely good. For a more intense flavor, skip the soda water.

Blueberry Tart with Vanilla Pastry Cream
I always listen to my wife, but I shouldn’t have when she told me that the blind baked tart shell was ‘brown enough’. It was as white as me (though definitely fully cooked) and so…hope wifey learned a lesson about backseat cooking. Probably not!



Most food photos here are courtesy of Astrid Barros!