After a couple of somewhat heavy meals, it was time for a simple, lighter fare and this Italian style Chicken Meatballs and Vegetable Soup.

As this broth is lightly seasoned, the chicken meatballs are what pull the flavor together with its mix of chicken meat, Parmesan, chives, and garlic with breadcrumbs. I had half a Cornish game hen left over from an earlier dinner and I had shredded it for, apparently, this (little did I know).

The tiny meatballs, no more than half an inch side, are briefly sautéed and put aside. Therein follows leek and garlic sautéed, followed up with low-sodium chicken broth, sliced carrots, and spinach, with the meatballs added just prior to finish being cooked in the broth.

Serve with to torn basil and more Parmesan, if you like. This was a fabulous dish, primarily due to its simplicity. Wifey added a tad of balsamic vinegar which gave it nothing, though a judicious spritz of lemon juice might have worked better.

This is the recipe,taken from Bon Appetit magazine.