David Tanis is something of a culinary hero to me. OK, maybe that’s a bit too strong. Hmm. Fact is, I just like his writing and his dishes and his cooking. In his most recent book, One Good Dish, he comes up with loads of great, simple cooking dishes, and here is his take on a Nicoise Salad on a Roll.

Not much different than a regular Niçoise salad, though since its a sandwich with bread, I didn’t include the potatoes. Some additional changes was avocado and some fried salmon skin which added a bit of crunch to the dish.

The combination of regular nicoise ingredients is tasty enough, but the addition of the crunchy salmon bits and the soft avocado made for a pretty layered, tasty dish. I don’t think that salmon skin is something that one usually stumbles across at the grocery so unless one had salmon the night before and saved the skin, you’ll have to find some other crunchy bits to add to this sandwich.