Another late morning work start for me at the Bowl, strting at 11am which is a mixed blessing…late start and time to relax before work, coupled with a late night return.

As the ‘cheese guy’ at the Berkeley Bowl West, I have a profile to the public and will often be greeted by relative strangers on the street, in cafes, and so forth. This morning a fellow at Caffe Trieste greeted me and asked if I had had any cheese for breakfast. “Not this morning,'” I responded. “I had pajeon, a Korean savory pancake“.

I mixed roughly equal parts of rice flour and regular flour together with a bit of salt and pepper with water to make a simple batter, then added sliced scallions, a mushroom, and some seasoned seaweed from the big dinner. We had both the savory and spicy dipping sauces still available so that and a cup of coffee was our meal.

Wifey deemed it ‘ok’ but not over the top fantastic which was fair enough. She still can’t, I imagine, wrap her head around a pancake that is savory rather than sweet and doesn’t have that light, fluffy texture usually associated with ‘normal’ pancakes. They were certainly a bit flatter without any leavening to speak of but overall, were tasty enough for this cook.

Post Script!

I chose to take a picture of my freezer inventory to refer to on my breaks while at work so I can consider what I could make for dinner. With dinner thoughts only beginning to percolate while at my place of work (a grocery store), online sourcing is the rule as carrying around a few cookbooks isn’t really practical.

Still, much like a book collector or any collector for that matter, I end up with interesting ingredients that I hope or plan to use…someday, and hopefully this image in my phone will inspire me to use what I have rather than contribute to the limited space that a typical freezer would allow.

Worst case scenario but most interesting to me, would be a general feed of guests based on ‘what’s in the freezer’. This would mean anything from Asian dumplings, Spanish chorizo, foie gras, and lobster ravioli all on the same menu. This could be my Chopped experiment!