Last night while in the midst of preparing for a big Berkeley Banchan Bash, on my way home I dropped in the library nearby to look at the cookbooks and there was one of David Lebowitz’s books, Ready For Dessert. There was a chocolate, flourless cake recipe in there that looked pretty tempting so… I took a pic of it and chose to make it that evening.


I had no particular intention to eat the cake…I just felt like baking, is all. As I had all the ingredients on hand, including the peculiar cocoa nibs that less experienced bakers (like me) don’t quite know what to do with, I thought I’d give it a shot.

The recipe called for a 9″ springform pan and, of course, I had an 8″ and a 10″ but none of the appropriate size. I chose to simply follow the recipe exactement and take some of the spillover and make a mini so that my wife and I could enjoy a small bit of it. As an afterthought I considered bringing it to my own workplace as one of my coworkers is gluten-free in her diet, but then I realized that she also eschews sugar, so she was SOL out of luck again.


Based on the mini which my wife and I shared, it is apparently a superlative recipe. Wifey liked it immensely (she is a ho for chocolate) and the crunchy bits of the bitter cocoa nibs added a nice dimension to this cake. If my wife had remembered to bring it to work this morning, her coworkers might have been delighted. As it stands (if I can keep my wife from diving into it this weekend), we will simply add it to the dessert mix of Sunday’s banchan bash. Chocolate isn’t really a Korean staple, but it is a human one.