Y’know, this dish, at first, was going to be all about the prosciutto-wrapped chicken thighs with a bit of butter and garlic sauce which actually came out rather nicely– the chicken thighs baked just right, the prosciutto crisped perfectly…all came out swimmingly and was served with a side of jasmine rice reheated in the microwave (waste not, want not…but maybe next time I’ll add some extra something to the grain.


Still, the joy here was the creativity I experienced. Starting with some pea shoots and thinly sliced radishes, I put together the vinaigrette which was seasoned rice vinegar and a spritz of salt, followed with an equal amount of EVOO and a splash of lemon juice, careful not to make it too acidic for my wife. Given the bare edge of sweetness to the vinaigrette, adding the sweet Japanese pickles might have pushed it over the edge!

But didn’t. A very nice balance. I was so happy that it went over. Woo hoo!