Nothing fancy here, though some may disagree that duck confit for dinner is ‘fancy’. When I was preparing the big tapas meal from a few days ago, I had to make room in the fridge for some of the ingredients, so I had to find another home for the duck confit…most of which was still handily safe in plastic tubs of duck fat. I left the confit out on the counter for a couple of hours to slightly warm and removed the duck legs to freezer bags, separate from its protective fat. Given that they would be safely ensconced in the frigid temperatures of the freezer, the duck fat layer was redundant, so I separated them and put the duck fat, as well, into the freezer to use another day.

But somehow I had put two duck legs into the fridge in a container rather than the freezer and well…they were ready to be seared and prepared to eat. To accompany them, I steamed some broccoli heads and drizzled a mix of romesco sauce and olive oil over them, and also attempted shoestring potatoes.

The shoestring potatoes got scorched…oops (gotta work on my timing) and decided to simply cut up half a potato and sautée in the remaining duck fat and a little olive oil. Nice. A smattering of salt and pepper and voila! Done.

It was a nice surprise for the wife, as for me, discovering the legs being available. It all came out great.