Canny readers (all three of you) will note that there is, as of yet, no blog entry for the full-sized tapas feast I put together yesterday for my wife and four guests: A&B and E&J. It was eleven courses of varied tapas with a finishing dish of duck with noodles as well as a dessert course.

More on that as images snake in to me from our guest and photog, A, who stood in for me who had zero time to think about lens apertures and lighting.

Tonight I straggled home about 830PM and thought briefly about dinner. This morning while I carefully avoided the sink area…


I considered a light dinner. I recall that I had some Swedish seed bread in the fridge as well as some yellow hedgehog mushrooms in the crisper. I also know there were some bacon bits in there as well…and one solitary duck egg.

I poached the egg, fried a slice of bread in some pork fat, removed it and added the mushroom heads to the skillet and sautéed them briefly. I turned off the heat and added the bacon bits.

When the poached egg was ready, I slathered on the bacon bit and mushroom mixture onto the bread and set the egg on top. Garnished it with fleur de sel and parsley and pepper, and sat down to eat.

Good. The mushrooms added little but a bit of texture, however, while the mouthfeel found from soft egg and crisped bread with seeds worked, if not gloriously, with some measure of success.

For balance, I’d have cut the piece of bread a bit thinner, left out the mushrooms, and might have added some caramelized onions.