This is how it got started. OK, it actually got started when I realized that I had a cup of buffalo ricotta in my fridge that I needed to use. And some cherries. Oh, and a few apricots, yeah. OK, that’s where it got started.

So I rolled a quick dough and put it in the fridge to chill. Took the buffalo ricotta and added a couple of egg yolks, some sugar, and beat it to hell. Pulled out the pastry dough, rolled it out, and spread the ricotta cream.


Here you see the apricots and cherries spread over the ricotta pastry cream with the flaps folded over it all to form a crostata. Or, were this in France, it would be a galette. 

I baked this for about 35 minutes…it took awhile to brown properly, but the final result was definitely worth it. I had a moment of mild concern when my wife asked me if this was a stone fruit as a local purveyor had made a recall on their stone fruit due to listeria. We checked online and cooked fruit would have killed the bugs. Oh, good.

We will definitely survive till tomorrow.