I’ve made plenty of tarts over the years but making a tart shell out of polenta is always a trick. It’s also a trick cuz wifey doesn’t really love polenta that much, particularly if the result is a grainy, toothsome result.

Not so this time. I cooked the polenta with low-sodium vegetable broth and after fifteen minutes I pressed it into a tart shell and let it cool for fifteen minutes.


Then I shredded some of the St George cheese we bought at Matos Cheese Factory (4 oz) and layered it between thin slices of heirloom tomatoes on the polenta shell.


Of course, this left a bit of a mess on the cutting board.


About 25 minutes later the dish came out and, frankly, was pretty tasty. In this circumstance, as there was so little contrast, the tomatoes really popped out. I considered afterward now it might taste with onions or some charcuterie or longganisa, it would have made the tomatoes much less apparent and lost in the background. A good lesson to learn!

There was an additional sauce to dress the slices which comprised of a basil mayonnaise which, though I made it, didn’t really contribute much to the final result.

I might have wished that the polenta shell could have firmed up a bit more, or browned a bit more and crisped–which it didn’t. Regardless, it didn’t affect the flavor combination’s success. Good stuff.