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I worked late till 8pm, and I didn’t have much time to consider what to make, but over in the butcher’s department, I noted that they had Mary’s duck breasts ready and not frozen. This means that bringing home a duck breast can be immediate– it’s relatively fresh and I don’t need to defrost.

I saw a package with two small duck breasts and picked it up immediately. My friend Peche at work had a couple of plums from her father’s tree, so as soon as I got home I dusted it with salt and pepper, slashed the skin, and threw it onto the heated skillet. At the same time I tossed on some fingerling potatoes thinly sliced into the pan with a bit of thyme and cooked it for about seven minutes. Meanwhile, I sliced up the plum, sautéed some diced shallots, and dropped in a dash of raspberry liquor (Chambord) and a half cup of vegetable broth and reduced it while the duck was being seared on the other side (five-six minutes).

I pulled out the breast and cut into it and saw that it could use another minute, then laid it to rest under a foil tent. I had already removed the potato pieces and then added a handful of arugula along with some garlic bits, salt, and lemon juice.

We then sat down to watch a Netflix documentary, have a small glass of Riesling, and to thoroughly enjoy my simple but delicious meal.

Half Duck Breast with Impromptu Plum and Chambord Sauce
Thyme-Dusted Fingerling Potatoes
Sautéed Arugula with Lemon and Garlic

It took twenty minutes, tasted as good as any French bistro would have made, and I?

Tonight, please call me chef.