This was pretty nice…and strange. Quinoa is a marvelous grain we’ve all heard about. A supposed ‘super grain’ but really…who cares? Its delicious, nutty, and it’s like eating tiny pieces of popped popcorn. But that is not the backdrop to the dish– the quinoa is cooked with scallion whites, EVOO, some toasted almonds, and as the original recipe called for blood orange (not currently in season), I substituted with mango… And frankly, it was an unusually good combination.

So here’s what you get: a crunchy, tasty quinoa blend base with a bit of fish protein in the form of quickly seared scallops…everything seasoned with all of Angela’s favorite seasonings: cumin, coriander, cilantro!

Well, she was distracted by the (ahem!) cumin, coriander, and cilantro–tastes that she definitely has less of an affinity for than anyone named Muhammed. I think I’ll give the dish a try again, though without the Middle Eastern flavor and see how it flies.