Kinda neat, huh? I selected some antibiotic free, hormone free chicken (forgive me) though it wasn’t organic. I think the chickens were sustainably raised and cruelty-free, other than they were slaughtered so we could enjoy them. But if you can’t afford this halfway measure of quality ($5/lb), don’t expect me to judge you if you get the commercial stuff. So knock yourself out however you like.

But as you all (should) know, chicken thigh meat is more flavorful than breast meat. Accept this and be happy. The sauce is the trick, though. After browning the meat in a bit of EVOO, remove the chicken to rest and sauté the leek. Add the pear and the chicken broth, cook it down, and add the chicken back to the sauce.

Sprinkle with toasted walnuts. Eat it and thank me for telling you about it. See the recipe here.

Add a nice grain or potatoes on the side. I chose to use quinoa with a bit of sautéed shallots. I added a simple garnacha red from Spain that worked adequately.