When your daily work schedule is 11AM till 8PM and you don’t get home till about 830PM, putting together a fancy shmancy dinner on a weeknight isn’t the best idea. After our Cheese Trail adventure on Saturday, I had brought home a wedge of local farm-produced Saint George cheese, made by a third generation Portuguese family from the Matos Cheese Factory near Petaluma.

Made in about 10 Lb wheels, they are all aged about three months and make a wonderful, mild, yet flavorful table cheese. As it turns out, its a great melter and worked fine for making grilled cheese sandwiches, as well.

Starting out with some chopped shallots and fresh thyme, I sautéed these for a few minutes till nearly caramelized and removed them from the skillet. I added a couple of slices of fresh La Farine fougasse herbed bread and toasted these in the skillet. I put shaved slices of the St George on the slices, added the thyme and shallot mixture, and a dusting of pepper and a bit of salt. Topped them with the other slice and put them in the oven at 400F for about 8 minutes to complete them.

Note: the original recipe had called for a helluva lot more butter and gruyere cheese, both of which I had plenty of, and a calorie count of a bit over 1000 calories per sandwich. Much as I can enjoy an unctuous feast with the best of them, I cut back on the cheese and butter considerably.


Accompanying this standard fare was an arugula and apple salad with a simple EVOO and lemon juice vinaigrette which contrasted nicely with the sandwich (I refuse to call sandwiches ‘sammies’ for no good reason other than the association it has with people I consider twits and idiots–apologies all around.


Cooking Notes: wifey thought that there should have been more cheese as in my efforts to minimize calories the cheese flavor, mild to begin with, was lost to the bread. Sigh, she was absolutely right, but I need to drop at least 7 pounds so…