On July 4, everyone might be outside grilling away, but here in our humble household, I was busy cutting up scallions, a tomato, romaine lettuce, a red bell pepper, and plucking a lemon or two off of our lemon bush to make the vinaigrette for Fattoush, a classic middle eastern salad.

With some gyros meat leftovers from our lunch at Troy today, I mixed it all together, added the garlic- laden oil and lemon dressing and we hoped for the best. Sadly, while I think it would have satisfied most anyone, due to my wife’s curious oral condition (I can’t pronounce the immune-deficient condition that causes acidic foods to play havoc with her inner gums), she queried about what the ‘spicy’ element was, and a quick reading of the ingredients revealed nothing suspect.

Not so with the delightful attending cocktail, July In Talisay (or
April In Paris); seemingly one of the most perfectly balanced alcoholic concoctions we have ever discovered.

In any case, the challenges of cooking for my wife’s constrained palate remain so– a challenge. While one could look at it as a limitation, I view it as an opportunity to further my craft. I won’t be, nor am I ever, locked into a situation where I only have to cook for my wife’s palate. Honing my skills with her savory requirements will only make me better when it comes to serving all others who are not so afflicted.