A pretty cheesy meal.

Start with a big half pound lump of delicious burrata mozzarella and think caprese salad. For the two of us, an 8 oz lump of this extremely luscious mozzarella is a lot of cream and unctuous fatty, deliciousness.

Slice yourself a few heirloom tomatoes about a quarter inch thick, drape over the lump, and then add some extra virgin olive oil with julienned basil and after marinating for several minutes, pour over the burrata and tomatoes. Adorn with nice sea salt and crushed pepper.


Still…for me the hit were the little ‘slider’ gruyere toasts which were bolstered with sautéed shallots and a surprise ingredient: Japanese pickled radishes. (fukujin zuke) to round out a simple little snack. I used some brioche rolls and the pickled radishes were an added tangy sweetness that worked well.

Let’s face it– toast with cheese is common enough, but adding a bit of pickledness to it put it over the top.


PS…the other toast you see is some olive bread with a bit of aged Gouda. Not bad, either.