Had no time to cook this the other day, but today after a grueling day doing inventory for the cheese department from 6AM, I was ready to do that lamb dish that appealed to me from the New York Times.

Grilled Marinated Lamb Brochettes intrigued me. Could lamb be my next passion like duck has been? I think so. The lamb brochettes were marinated in a mix of rosemary, thyme, honey, garlic, and salt and pepper, as well as some white wine and red wine vinegar. While the lamb, boiled white pearl onions, and fingerling potatoes marinated, I soaked wooden skewers for thirty minutes so they wouldn’t burn.

I then pulled out the plancha and fired it up, threaded the pearl onions, potatoes, and sorta cubes of lamb onto the skewers.


I gave the skewers about three and a half minutes per side which made them fairly rare, but after a few bites my with found that they needed another minute or so…so back onto the grill they went. They came out much better.


With a bit sprinkle of fleur de sel over the dish…which looked great…

Finally, along with the skewers I boiled some broccoli and the meal was pretty damn good, with leftovers for the next day for both of us.