Pretty, huh?

Pretty much a pain in the hind side. The concept is fairly straightforward; after hardboiling several eggs, roll them on a hard surface to create cracks in the eggshell. Do not peel them, simply crack the shells nicely and all over. Soak the eggs in black tea for 24 hours. All manageable.

Then peel the shells off…and voila! Where the tea soaked through to the egg inside, you will see the delightful marbling effect as shown in the picture above. Of course, they don’t explain that the marbling is going on that thin, extremely delicate membrane inside the egg shell and that peeling them off without shredding the membrane…upon which the marbling is actually applied, is slow and tedious and not worth the time. Think about how delicate wet toilet paper is and you’ll understand how tricky and slow the process is, all to prevent tearing of your delicate marbling effect.

Ain’t worth it. Check out the tiny bits of eggshell in the sink. Spent 15 minutes on one egg shell and I made 8 of these. Nice idea. Difficult execution.


If its summertime and you want to distract your kids for a couple of hours, give them this project. Expect a good deal of crying and whining.