Tonight was my long day; and when I got home about 830PM,  my wife had eaten already and I had a light hunger. So I gave dinner a thought, pulled out a frozen link of chorizo, two small brioche dinner rolls (perfect for sliders) , and then I started thinking like a chef from the TV show Chopped.

Chorizo and Onion Sliders with Shaved Pecorino

Chorizo and Onion Sliders with Shaved Pecorino

I got an about-to-go-south shallot, sliced it thin and tossed them into the skillet where the chorizo was getting cooked with a little olive oil. While that was going, I put the two brioche rolls into the microwave for 30 seconds.

I sliced the chorizo into little medallions, slathered a bit of mustard on the side of one of the buns, and draped the sliced link bits with some Pecorino crotonese (a Sicilian sheep’s milk cheese similar to Pecorino Romano).

Then I ate it, my wife had a bite, and damn! Simple but so tasty.