imageAfter my wife told me of all the life-affirming health benefits of chia seeds (again), I bought some more of them and tried out this simple recipe: Cashew No-Cardamom Chia Pudding. I found it over at the kitchn online and for rabbit food (this is a totally raw vegan dish) it’s not half bad.

Don’t get me wrong–I have nothing against vegan food; I eat it every day. I am simply against veganism as it’s practiced as a religion, if you get me.

This dish is absurdly easy to make:

1/4 cup chia seeds

3 cups water (2 cups if you prefer your pudding less watery)

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 cup hazelnuts

3/4 cup cashews

1/2 tsp vanilla

3 tbsp agave surup

1/2 tsp cardamom (or none)

dried currants and chopped nuts for garnish (optional, but adds a nice crunch)

In a blender, purée the water, salt, hazelnuts, cashews, vanilla, agave and cardamom (if using) as smooth as possible. In a large bowl, mix the chia seeds with the blended mixture. Stir to combine. Cover and refrigerate overnight or for at least 8 hours. The seeds will plump up and absorb most of the liquid. Garnish with chopped nuts, and dried fruit.

Again, if you use a half cup or cup less of water, you’ll have a thicker, less soupy result and closer to a ‘pudding’ than you would with the original recipe.

This dish was nice for breakfast along with a piece of buttered toast and a cup of  coffee.  And in most ways, it was mostly vegetarian and near-vegan.