Tilapia Fillet on a bed of wilted baby spinach

Tilapia Fillet on a bed of wilted baby spinach

I’m forging my way through my freezer for dinner as often as possible the next several days. I realized I had a couple of pounds of frozen tilapia I wanted to use, so I did a quick Internet search and found this recipe.

Spinach Baked Tilapia sounds pretty basic and simple, and surprise: it is! When I got home I took the tilapia out of the freezer and defrosted it in the microwave. Ten minutes. While that occurred, I diced an heirloom tomato and a few scallions, then briefly wilted some baby spinach, and laid it out in a baking dish. Some kosher salt and pepper. I laid out the three pieces of tilapia, seasoned it, and put the diced tomato and green onions on top of the fish. A bit more seasoning, a dash of pimenton rather than the originally called for creole powder, and twenty- five minutes in the oven at. 350F.

This dish is pretty easy to put together and is surprisingly good. I found that a final spritz of fleur de sel salt as well as a squeeze of lemon juice perked up the dish considerably. Moreover, remember to drain the dish a bit before serving on the plate as the spinach can get a bit wet, and you want to avoid excessive water gathering on the plate.

Another keeper.