Chocolate mousse in a ramekin
Chocolate mousse in a ramekin


Yeah, I got caught up with things, so in my last blog entry I didn’t write up about this Italian Chocolate Mousse I made the other day.  Most times when I’ve made a mousse it’s been with eggs where, rather than in this case where one incorporates both heavy cream into the melted chocolate as well as whipped heavy cream, one simply incorporates beaten egg whites. Plainly (or not) the egg white version would be a lot lighter than the heavy cream version I made for this blog.  Still, both have their ‘place’ in one’s cooking repertoire (but as I have gained five pounds in recent weeks, a slightly less elevated position let me tell you).

So is this Italian? Only if you want to call it that. If you’re serving an Italian themed menu, give it whatever Italian name sound you like. If not, ‘Joe’s Chocolate Mousse’ is fine.

This particular blend starts with 3 oz of dark chocolate ground up and heated over a double-boiler and melted. Add a half cup of heavy whipping cream, a couple of tablespoons of a favorite liquor (Frangelico or Disaronno perhaps) and let come to room temperature. Beat egg whites with a bit of sugar till fluffy, fold in to the chocolate mixture, and spatula into individual ramekins or a bowl nice enough for presentation. You could eat it now but wait till its chilled a bit in the fridge– maybe an hour.

After you finish a helping, take a walk for exercise and good digestion. Or watch Master Chef reruns…whichever floats your boat.