I was just patting myself on the back today for how much I’ve become less attached to things, particularly books and comics. For over thirty years I had been an active comics collector and book collector (amasser or hoarder if you will) and since discovering digital content and the fact that much of the dust and the books and comics I’d gathered together could, relatively easily be replaced.

In the last five years or so, as I rediscovered my cooking passions, the collector in me has only re-emerged in full glory with my interest in cookbooks. Yeah, I’ve got a pretty good pile of them now, but it’s…not just cookbooks I now…amass.

To a lesser degree, it’s also utensils, cookware, and things in the kitchen. While I have managed to eschew the more esoteric items good for only one purpose (frozen margarita icecube molds, anyone?), I get great use out of my cherry pitter, various sized tart pans, not to mention my instant read thermometer and egg poaching cups.

Alas, hidden from view are the depths of my freezer. When shopping at Berkeley Bowl West or even Trader Joe’s, often some foodstuff will grab my attention and I will toss it into my cart thinking that I’d cook it…eventually. This applies to odd Asian frozen fish from the Philippines, various rib-eye steaks, or tiny smelt which…just looked cool.

Not a very advisable habit.

So today I took some time and went through the freezer, pulling everything out of it to see what was not lost to freezer burn or had been poorly wrapped. As I dumped it all on the kitchen table, I started sorting. Anything much more than six months old, regardless of condition, I tossed. It wasn’t a lot, it wasn’t a little, and if there was a prize in there that made me wistful cuz it got tossed, well…a hard lesson but well learned about waste.

The fridge has been portioned out– veggies and frozen fruit on the topmost shelf, followed by varied carbs: tortillas, phyllo dough, bread in bags, pita and naan bread. Below that oddities like a container of duck fat, fish, and on the bottom poultry and red meat.

I also attached the list whose image you see at the top of this post to remind me of what’s in the fridge. As I use these items, I’ll scratch them off. I could conceivably have enough food (protein, anyway) to last me and my wife at least three weeks, with just the purchase of a pile of green vegetables freshly each day.

Please note that there is one item in the freezer which is difficult to come by here in the great state of California. Uhh…I don’t know how it got there…er…ummm.

Well, then. I’d better cook it… provided it actually exists.