Last night I was thinking tacos for dinner, so I took a half pound of skirt steak, seasoned it with salt and pepper, and cooked it about 5 minutes in a stovetop grill pan on each side. Result was flavorful meat, mostly rare with deliciously seared surfaces, and a center piece that was closer to near-raw. Wifey didn’t care for this ‘really rare’ look overall, though in my view it was still ‘cooked’ so we took the slices and grilled them up for about a minute longer and they tasted great.

Meat is no longer such a mystery to me, at least the cooking of large slabs thereof.

Accompanying this were small white corn tortillas and three salsas; a guacamole with onion, cilantro, and lime juice- a tomato salsa with onion, cilantro, and lime juice, and a hybrid salsa of avocado, radish, onion,and lime juice.

My wife wasn’t overly impressed with the radish and avocado combo, though it did have a nice crunch to it. The other two were within the framework of tasty and successful, even if they had no heat whatsoever. Ordinarily I’ll make two sauces, one with heat and one without for my wife but this day I couldn’t be bothered.

Next Morning…

I bought a dozen duck eggs for only $6.99 at The Bowl the night before and poached ourselves one apiece, then laid on a piece of toast from Tartine Bakery’s country loaf with a bed of sliced avocado. Garnished with fleur de sel and cracked pepper…as well as a nice cup of coffee on the side.

The duck eggs are rich and, to be honest, taste like eggs, but there is a… difference to them in their appearance and taste. When I cracked the eggs open (which was slightly more difficult than with chicken eggs–tougher shell) I could actually smell their egginess, something usually only cooking might bring out. Pretty cool.

As regular readers know (all three of you–though I’m encouraged by all the ‘lurkers’ which can apparently be found at my wife’s workplace), I’m a huge duck fan.

Do you think I should get a tattoo showing that?