Oh, hell yeah.


Our alarm goes off around 630AM most mornings, and as I crawled out of bed at about 7AM, I had already lain there considering breakfast and what to make. First of all, I had bought a beautiful country loaf of bread for $8 the other day at Tartine Bakery in the city, so cut a couple of slices and put them into the toaster.

Tartine Bakery has become something of a ‘thing’ with foodies in San Francisco, with freshly baked bread usually popping out of their ovens around 430PM. Quite delicious, and loaves big enough to serve two families for half a week, I swear. Only real problem with that place is that it is soo popular that there seem to constantly be lines going out the door for their bread, baked goods, and etc. Fortunately, they sell their bread at a nearby secondary location Bar Tartine with no lines at all. Delicious bread, I gotta say, though any bread that has a crust that can potentially tear gums doesn’t appeal to my wife. Her idea of what ‘toast’ is supposed to be is the opposite of anyone’s I’ve ever met…at least on this planet.

You may recall that I planned to serve garlic braised greens along with the duck breast I made this past weekend but didn’t have enough. Ok. While the eggs were poaching, I sautéed the garlic and greens for a few minutes even as I turned the toaster on to do its thing. Hopefully the eggs, greens, and toast would all come out at the same time.

Though my wife didn’t come out of the shower for a few minutes after that.

I assembled the eggs on the toast, sprinkled a bit of fancy fleur de sel on top, and served. The eggs were done too hard for my wife’s taste–she tells me now that she prefers them slightly runny–(#%$&@!) so I need to both listen to her a bit more and get my egg timing down.

This morning I poached the eggs without using my little ‘poaching cups’; little plastic cups which each hold an egg perfectly and allows a final, perfectly oval result. Instead, I used a sieve and drained as much of the excess liquid of each egg over the sink and simply dunked them into the gently, swirling waters of the poaching liquid (water and a dollop of vinegar).

Simple, just about ten minutes. But I still need coffee….will have to grab some on the way to work later today.